Cannabis Infused Passion

Ana Pascoal

Ana Pascoal was born and raised in Tocha, Portugal before immigrating to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the year 2008. She now primarily resides in Airdrie, Alberta with her partner, Michael, and her daughter, Olivia. She is a self-taught artist who is excited about her journey in experimenting with different styles of abstract painting. Ana’s unique style of art is inspired by the nature surrounding the elegant coastline of Portugal in which she grew up. She works mainly with high-quality canvas and acrylic paints while incorporating real cannabis leaves within the artwork itself. The elements of bright colours and open space reveal the delicate relationship between the Cannabis plant and creativity of the mind. By combining the textures of the Cannabis plant with expressive and open brushstrokes, she hopes to expose the beauty of Cannabis and promote the acceptance of Cannabis in society.

Ana’s artwork is featured at

Two Hoot on Main in Airdrie, Alberta

The Next Level lifestyle accessories in Calgary, Alberta.

An assortment of artwork can also be viewed through her small business, here at MiCanna.